Netflix announced the rest of the cast for their Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action adaptation

Even though it's been off the air for decades, barring its sequel series, The Legend of KorraAvatar: The Last Airbender still has legions of devoted fans. Somehow Avatar transcended its status as a shortlived Nicktoon to become a celebrated piece of animation history. Realizing its multimedia potential, Nickelodeon immediately attempted to bring the Avatar franchise to the silver screen with abysmal results.

Fans fumed as their beloved series mutated into a live-action abomination and started to cry mulligan before the first week's box office results came in. Although it took them several years to bend Hollywood's ear, Avatar fans finally got the chance to see their favorite show rendered in live-action once again. The only catch is that Netflix- with its spotty history of anime adaptations- is behind the upcoming television series. 

In the post linked above, you can check out the final members of the first season of Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender