Babbel is a fast track to language fluency. And right now, it's over half off.

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Communication is the key to, well, almost everything. Understanding and being understood is so core to the experience of life that species will do almost anything to make sure they're heard and addressed. Gorillas at the Atlanta Zoo have even gone so far as to develop their own communication, making up a completely new "snough" noise to get zookeepers' attention for food. 

It can feel like communication between humans is practically just as tricky when you're dealing with a language barrier. Thankfully, we don't have to resort to assorting grunts and coughing to be understood. The Babbel Language Learning App can start breaking down some of those walls in as little as 3 weeks.

After over 15 years of serving customers, Babbel has become one of the signature names in learning a foreign language online. From an archive of training materials created in conjunction with more than 100 noted linguistic and educational experts, Babbel can get you on the path to learning one of 14 different languages, ranging from old favorites like Spanish and French to more exotic choices like Norwegian, Danish, or Russian.

Of course, the key to Babbel's success — with over 10 million worldwide subscribers — comes from their sharp focus on teaching you the language you're really going to need to communicate effectively. Through lessons led by native speakers, each 10-minute session drills into a basic conversational situation covering a topic you'd likely run into in your new language.

From food and dining to the weather and how to engage with various friends and family members, Babbel training gets you familiar with the words and phrases that come up in everyday life while constantly testing your ability to speak those new words, all at your own pace.

Babbel's training then puts all of your conversations through its uber-refined speech recognition algorithm, assessing exactly how well you're doing with understanding and speaking your new language. If it finds any areas that could use some help, Babbel will suggest special review materials to help get you up to speed.  

"The lessons are short and fit into my schedule easily. The reviews are very helpful. I have tried to learn Spanish in a college classroom a few times before without success. Babbel is the easiest course I have taken so far," subscriber Carol said in her Trustpilot review.

Right now, a lifetime subscription covering all 14 of Babbel's available languages is available at 55% off the regular price for a limited time. 

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