Take a look at Charlie Cox's triumphant return as Daredevil

Since we're living in the Golden age of television, it's pretty easy for one to forget about the sheer volume of excellent shows created in the last two decades. Usually, shows like The Sopranos, Breaking BadMad Men, and Game of Thrones still receive the lion's share of attention years after their finales. In contrast, series like DeadwoodMr. Robot, and The Shield have receded from public discourse despite their equally outstanding level of quality. Netflix's Daredevil should have fallen into the latter category of forgotten shows; however, the show's legion of fans made that impossible. 

The Daredevil show on Netflix was something special. Even though tangentially linked to the ever-popular Marvel cinematic universe, the series was able to create engrossing and thought-provoking drama that honored the comics and provided a mature counterpoint to Marvel's more family-friendly offerings on the big screen. 

During the initial spate of trailers for the She-Hulk series on Disney +, Daredevil fans caught glimpses of the man without fear- rocking his infamous yellow suit no less- sprinkled throughout the footage. In the video linked above, you can check out Charlie Cox's first costumed appearance as Ol' Hornhead in the MCU.