A song to recap Herschel Walker's campaign so far: "That wasn't me!" (video)

From having secret babies to paying for secret abortions, Georgia's Herschel Walker is chock full of excuses, but one line you can always count on from the GOP candidate is: "That-wasn't-me!"

So, to help Republicans remember all that Walker doesn't, here's a catchy ditty (above), brought to you by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, that will surely get at least one response out of him: "That wasn't me!"

Who's writin' checks to lots of ladies?
That wasn't me

Who has a bunch of secret babies?
That wasn't me

Who's making the GOP squirm?
That wasn't me

Who'll Win the Senate in the midterms?
That wasn't me.

(Front page thumbnail image: Chris Casanova / shutterstock.com)