Animal Rebellion enjoys pouring milk on store carpets

Is pouring milk on shop carpets and food displays a good way to raise awareness about animal cruelty and environmental sustainability? Apparently, the folks at Animal Rebellion think so. From its website: "Animal Rebellion is a mass movement that uses nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience to campaign for animal and climate justice.

From Animal Rebellion:

  • At approximately 11:35, 2 supporters of Animal Rebellion entered Fortnum & Mason at Piccadilly, took milk from the shelves, and emptied it over the floor of the shop. They then went to Selfridges on Oxford street at around 12:30, and did the same. In Selfridges one of the individuals was assaulted by a member of the public.
  • This mirrors actions supporters of the group took in Harrods in July, and comes after the supply of milk to shops in London was disrupted in September [1]
  • The action takes place ahead of Animal Rebellion's plans to bring "playful disruption" to Westminster on 8/10/22 as part of its "Vegan Occupation," the group are urging anyone who can join them at 11:00 tomorrow in Green Park.