Sh*t for Kids, Devil Milk Jug, and other (Nick) 'Cave Things'

Nick Cave has an online store and its offerings are just as weird, subversive, and delightful as you'd expect them to be. There's "Shit for Kids," artsy autographed Polaroids, a revamped version of his sell-out Devil Milk Jug, and so much more. To note, everything in Cave Things is actually created (that is, "designed, drawn, written or recorded") by the man himself. Well, nearly everything, one art print was originally snatched from the pages of Cave's friend Andrew Dominik's notebook.

Cave writes:

I am essentially a songwriter. Yet, people who understand my stuff know that it doesn't end there. There has always been a strong, even obsessive, visual component to the process of songwriting—a compulsive rendering of the lyric as a thing to be seen, to be touched, to be examined. I have always done this—basically drawn my songs—for as long as I've been writing them. Cave Things are the incidental residue of an over-stimulated mind—situated beyond merchandise but before art.

When the pressure of songwriting gets too much, well, I draw a cute animal or a naked woman or a religious icon or a mythological creature or something. Or I take a Polaroid, or make something out of clay. I do a collage, or write a child's poem and date stamp and sticker it, or do some granny-art with a set of watercolour paints. The result—Cave Things

Dear Santa: Please put me down for one of these new Earthlings' picture discs:

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