Woman sent $30,000 to online lover so he could fly home from the International Space Station

A 65-year-old female temp worker in Japan sent 4.4 million yen to a man who told her he worked on the International Space Station and needed rocket fare to return to Earth so he could be with her. Shockingly, the man was lying, and he kept the money.

From Sankei (Google translation from Japanese to English):

According to the agency, on June 28 this year, the woman met a man claiming to be a foreigner working on the International Space Station through a photo and video sharing SNS.

Since then, through the messenger app LINE, he has posted messages such as, "I want to come to Japan and start my life, will you marry me when I arrive in Japan?"

Around August, cash was demanded under the guise of rocket costs to return to Earth and landing fees to Earth and Japan. A total of approximately 4.4 million yen in cash was deposited into the designated bank account. However, after she was asked for more cash, she became distrustful and she filed a police report.