AI-powered STI scam wants your d*ck pics

Someone found a skeevy way to develop a giant DB of d*ck pics!

An AI will not identify if your partner has an STI from naked photos you upload. Do not do this. This is bad medical science. This is terrible for privacy. It looks like a dick pic harvesting scam. What the hell? STIs do not always present physically. Some people may never show a symptom yet be carriers and able to spread an STI. Let's not even get into the lack of age screening or the intense trauma a false positive could cause.

Given that Calmara is currently free to use, it's natural to wonder if the pictures uploaded by users are what HeHealth plans to monetize, either to sell to other companies or train additional algorithms. Users get an unreliable scan for STIs, and in exchange they give up pictures of their genitals that HeHealth can use however it wants (I am speculating, do not sue me). Not great, Bob!

It's also worth asking about age verification. How Calmara intends to handle pictures uploaded by minors? In their Terms and Conditions, they state "HeHealth Inc. requires all users to affirm that they are of legal adult age (18 years or older) as part of the account registration process. However, HeHealth Inc. does not have the means to verify the age of individuals who access and use the Service."

When I opened Calmara's website on my phone and uploaded a random photo of a penis I found on Google Image search, I was never asked to affirm that I was of legal age, or that my partner was of legal age. It didn't even ask me to scroll through their ToS before using the tool. Instead, a line of copy says, "By continuing, you agree to Calmara's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy." They're not even trying to confirm that users are not minors.

Ella Dawson

Get tested regularly by your doctor. If you or your partner have questions, see your doctor. Sharing photos of your junk online is not a good place to start.

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