Happy belated birthday to John Prine

Happy Birthday to John Prine, who was born on October 10, 1946. In honor of his birthday, No Depression magazine (tagline: The Journal of Roots Music) posted an essay that Prine had originally written for the Spring 2019 issue, just a year before he passed away from COVID-19. It's a pithy little piece called "Don't Forget to Write," where John reflects on his 60 years of songwriting.

He says:

"I have to say that songwriting is a great way to make a living. You get to rhyme a bunch of words, whistle up a new melody, and if you're lucky enough, somebody that can actually sing might end up making a hit record out of your song. Then, men, women, and children will go around humming your tune and massacring your precious lyrics. And best thing of all is — you get to sleep late!"

So, if you are a songwriter, keep some lead in your pencil, a fresh legal pad close by at all times, and let your dreams flow. Oh! And yeah, don't forget to write!

For those of us who write—whether for fun or work, whether it's music or fiction or academic writing or letters to friends and family—it's a great reminder to all of us. Don't forget to write!