Watch how Peter Howell helped remix the 80s Doctor Who theme

Doctor Who has one of the best theme songs in television history.

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Nah, I'm kidding. I could nerd out about Doctor Who all day.   

Part of what makes Doctor Who's theme so incredible is its malleability. Depending on who's behind the song's arrangement, the theme tune can be simple or expansive without compromising its charm.

Over the years, the song has become more musically complex, despite remaining largely untouched for the first handful of Doctors (William Hartnell to Tom Baker). However, once the 80s rolled around during the tail end of Tom Baker's run, Doctor Who's producer, John Nathan-Turner, decided to give the entire show a facelift for the new decade. Some of his decisions (such as having most of his Doctors wear question marks) were pretty dumb, but having Peter Howell remix the song for the 80s was an inspired decision. You can watch Howell create the now iconic song in the video linked above.