Tuesday Tunes: High, Wide & Handsome — Loudon Wainwright III

I've been putting up with a heart murmur for a few decades now. It's never been a big deal. During my last physical, however, my doctor took a renewed interest in what's going on in my chest. I'll be going in for a stress test on my ticker, in a little under a month. Since I got the news, I haven't been able to get this song out of my head.

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I was too young to understand 'Love, American Style' but the theme-song stuck with me

Love, American Style was occasionally on in re-runs, during my younger years. The short stories made no sense, and I didn't really understand why there was no continuity.

I sometimes find myself singing this while working in the kitchen. Honestly, I sing a lot of TV themes.

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Watch this robotic ukulele player pluck out some lovely tunes

UkuRobot is a programmable ukulele player. Here, it plays the haunting theme from Requiem for a Dream, since used in a kajillion movie trailers. In the video below, there's a second shot of its mechanisms. Read the rest

Theme song for Bewitched has lyrics, here's Steve Lawrence singing it

Here's Steve Lawrence singing "Bewitched" in 1964, the same year the popular TV series starring Elizabeth Montgomery launched. I didn't know the theme song had lyrics, just as I didn't know the Dick Van Dyke Show's theme song had lyrics until I saw this recent video of Dick Van Dyke singing them:

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Sammy Davis Jr. covers the 'Chico and the Man' theme

I'd never heard this Sammy Davis Jr. cover of José Feliciano's charming Chico and the Man theme!

Chico and the Man told the story of Ed, an alcoholic garage owner in 1970s East L.A., and Chico, a struggling young man looking for work. The two form an incredible relationship, and the chemistry between actors Jack Albertson, who plays Ed, and Freddie Prinze's Chico was amazing.

The show has a sad history, during its run Freddie Prinze lost a battle with depression, and drugs, wherein he took his own life. The theme song, however, is seriously uplifting. It encourages tolerance and understanding.

If you want to try the show, this DVD via Amazon has 6 handpicked episodes for $4, including "Ed Talks to God" the final episode with Prinze. I didn't have any luck finding full episodes on YouTube. Read the rest