Check out this unlikely interspecies friendship

I love interspecies friendships, they're just so wholesome and heartwarming. But this particular combination—two Staffordshire terriers and one magpie—is a new one for me! When Molly (the magpie) met Peggy (a Staffordshire terrier) they instantly took to one another. Peggy even produced milk to feed the abandoned magpie, who was in need of rehabilitation. Their website explains:

These two are like mother and daughter / best friends who are just so close. They love to sun bake, play ball or generally just hang out in the backyard watching the world go by.

A year later, Peggy had a litter of puppies and one puppy in particular, Ruby, also took quickly to Molly the magpie. Now they are one sweet interspecies family! Read more of their story here. And check out their Facebook page and their Instagram for cute pics and videos of the unlikely pals—here they are playing with a stuffed animal together. Adorable!