Famous Jew hater Mel Gibson to testify against Harvey Weinstein

As Seth Rogen said in 2020, "I'm only surprised by Mel Gibson's 'oven dodger' comment because it acknowledges the Holocaust actually happened." (Here's a list of anti-Semitic remarks Mel Gibson has made over the years.) Wow, he sure hates Jews. That's why Harvey's Weinstein's lawyers asked the judge in Weinstein's upcoming sexual assault trial in Los Angeles to be allowed to question Gibson about his feelings towards Jews. But according to Variety, the defense won't be allowed to broach the subject.

Judge Lisa B. Lench allowed prosecutors to call Gibson to the stand. She also denied a defense request that they be allowed to ask Gibson about racist and antisemitic statements he has made over the years. But the defense will be allowed to ask whether Gibson holds a grudge against Weinstein.

The defense argued that Gibson has ill will toward Weinstein dating from the release of "Passion of the Christ," which was widely seen to play on antisemitic themes. Weinstein later published a book, "Perspectives on the Passion of the Christ," that challenged the film.

"This created a feud between Mr. Gibson and Mr. Weinstein," argued Mark Werksman, Weinstein's attorney.