Marjorie Taylor Greene gets her Jewish holidays confused

Be unsurprised! Marjorie Taylor Green managed to not actually wish Jewish folks a happy day of atonement! The Georgia congressperson used an image of the Menorah, a traditional symbol of the Hannukah celebration, matched with what appears to be a Shofar or a sloppily drawn marijuana cigarette.

Democrats, when they controlled the House of Representatives looked to censure Greene over comments comparing Joe Biden to Hitler. Greene has a long history of anti-Semitism and just plain stupid comments about Jews, Judaism, and space-borne weaponry. Now that Republican's have the house Greene has been Speaker-Pro Tempore.

The Guardian:

Green on Sunday posted a message on X – previously known as Twitter – on Sunday wishing observers a meaningful fast for Monday's observation of Yom Kippur. She tried to add a traditional Yom Kippur greeting but mispelled it: "Gamar Chasima Tova!"

The backlash soon ensued.

Critics noted that Greene's use of a menorah in her message recognized a completely unrelated Jewish holiday observed in December. Past comments of hers which alluded to antisemitic tropes also undermined her message to Jewish observers.

Florida congressman Jared Moskowitz, a Democrat, corrected his Republican counterpart by noting that the solemn Yom Kippur and celebratory Hanukah were completely different occasions.