The first poster for Creed 3 is here

It's shocking that Creed worked. On paper, yet another Rocky sequel- and a spin-off at that- should have been dead in the water. However, in the hands of Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan, Creed went from being a silly project into a legitimately entertaining project. In addition to a competent script and a solid performance from Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone's Oscar-nominated reprisal of his role as Rocky pushed the film over the top. 

In the aftermath of Creed 2, Stallone has become engaged in a bitter rivalry with Rocky's producer Irwin Winkler. Stallone, who wrote the script for the first film, believes that Winkler's attempt to mine almost every Rocky character for a spin-off dilutes the original series' legacy. The feud hit a head when news of a Drago spin-off hit the internet a few months ago.  

Consequently, the upcoming Creed 3, whose poster is featured above, will have to go without an appearance from the iconic Rocky Balboa. Let's see if Michael B. Jordan and Johnathan "Kang" Majors' combined star power will be enough to make the highly anticipated sequel a hit.