A pregnant firefighter saves a woman's life while going into labor

As society reevaluates the preconceived notions surrounding women and feminity, we're starting to reframe our societal perception of pregnancy. For several centuries- at least in Western cultures- pregnancy was seen as a feeble state that shouldn't be discussed in polite society. Hell, Lucille Ball couldn't even say the word pregnant while she was actually pregnant during I Love Lucy

In modernity, there are more stories about pregnant women performing exceptional feats than you can count. From pregnant weightlifters that outlift their male counterparts to women launching start-ups and serving as CEOs while great with child, people are starting to understand that women shouldn't be considered invalids at any point in their lives.  

And while all of the aforementioned stories are badass and in their own way, few can top the story of Megan Warfield, a firefighter from Baltimore, who rescued a woman from an overturned car while experiencing labor pains.

When the multi-vehicle crash happened, Warfield was off duty, getting a ride home after organizing and hosting the second edition of a golf tournament in honor of her late father. She had emerged from her crashed vehicle to direct traffic when she noticed an overturned car with a woman trapped inside it. "I was like, 'What are you doing? You're nine months pregnant,'" Warfield, who had been on desk duty throughout her pregnancy, told NBC.