The greatest Christmas movie of all time is coming back to HBO Max

There are more Christmas movies than one can shake a candy cane at. No matter what mood you're in, there's a film that fits your holiday disposition. However, despite how entertaining it is to watch movies that reflect your current emotional state, nothing can top flicks that mirror your station in life and relation to the holidays.

 Sure, Jingle All the Way is an engaging watch for everyone, but parents-desperately searching for their child's dream Christmas gift- understand the film on a cellular level. Or on the opposing end, classics like A Peanuts Christmas may stoke nostalgia in older fans, but the kids in the audience can't help but feel more attached to the movie's narrative due to their age. And then you have A Christmas Story, which speaks to every level of the Christmas experience in one superbly crafted film. 

In the trailer linked above, you can check out the first look at HBO Max's A Christmas Story Christmas