Hugh Grant stars in A24 thriller about charming but deranged man who forces mormon missionaries into basement labyrinth

Each noun in the headline dances down that meme showing a sequence of increasingly orgasmic reactions to an unfolding sentence. Hugh Grant, A24, mormon missionaries, basement labyrinth. As Variety puts it:

"I won't keep you if you wish to leave, but I want you to choose which door to go through based on your faith," Grant states in the trailer, writing "BELIEF" and "DISBELIEF" on two doorways. Nothing gory follows in the footage, but a miniature labyrinth seems to have reached life-sized dimensions as one missionary gets lost in a wooden maze at the end of the trailer.

Hugh Grant is the low-key master of that meta-genre in which charming actors are cast in unsettlingly compatible villain roles and the wildest part of it is that he always has been.

[via BBS]