Budget for Confederate fanboy's "anti-woke" movie stolen by a crypto scammer

The Daily Beast shares this story of assholes stealing from assholes. A misogynist who fantasizes about the Confederacy was trying to make a movie but picked a crypto scammer as his financier. Bad Idea!

Ultimately, we are better off if this racist fantasy film never gets made.

Daily Beast:

Beale's history of racism could have made it difficult for Rebel's Run, which stars a character sometimes depicted in a Confederate flag bustier, to find traditional financing. He has claimed that certain races are more likely to commit violence and called one of his foes in the science-fiction dispute, a Black author, a "half-savage." Beale has affiliated himself with the Gamergate movement, opposes women's suffrage, and once described homosexuality as a "birth defect."

Given that track record, he instead turned to Utah-based Ohana Capital Financial, a business aimed at customers that would struggle to get money elsewhere.

Ohana was the creation of James Wolfgramm, a self-described cryptocurrency billionaire who posted pictures of sports cars that supposedly belonged to him on social media. But in fact, according to a federal indictment filed last month, Wolfgramm's wealth was a sham. The sports car pictures, for example, were pulled from other websites. Wolfgramm's business also sold what were billed as high-tech cryptocurrency mining rigs — but those too were a hoax, according to prosecutors, with their screens just running on a loop to create the illusion of mine.

Unbeknownst to Beale and his supporters, the indictment alleges, Wolfgramm was deeply in debt to one of his business's other clients. That client had paid Ohana more than $4 million in September 2020, several months into the Covid-19 pandemic, as part of what was meant to be a payment to a Chinese manufacturer of personal protective equipment. Instead of carrying out the transaction, prosecutors allege, Wolfgramm spent the millions on his own unrelated business issues.

Now seven-figures into the hole and with no PPE to show for it, Wolfgramm allegedly used the Rebel's Run money to buy the Chinese medical equipment. Soon after that, according to a video Beale released to his fans, the blogger and his collaborators became suspicious and contacted the FBI, sparking the investigation into Wolfgramm.