Mac Sabbath is a "drive-thru metal extravaganza"

Black Sabbath meets Ronald McDonald in this drive-thru metal extravaganza. Members include Ronald Osbourne on vocals, Slayer MacCheeze on guitars, Grimalice on bass, and The Catburglar on drums.

Originally from "Birmingham(burger)," and now based "out of Los Angeles, CA but born from the bowels of Outer Space, Mac Sabbath is here, and it is time for a dinner rock revolution."

To be sung to the melody of "Iron Man:"

I have frying pan/Cows we're going to grind/hope my stomach is well-lined/Do I have the gall?/Chopping onions makes me bawl. Fixing your daily bread/hope this pan is not made of lead/a big red curly hair/give that customer quite a scare.

In 2021 they released "Drive-Thru Metal," a hybrid album/pop-up book on Proposition Press, with illustrations by Ghris Grimly. It's a "book" factory where caged chickens become pink slime. The video states, "Rock and roll has transcended from evil fast food workers to rock and roll saviors. We have moved into a whole utopia, and paradise is found. It's so inspirational. The first full-length Mac Sabbath album." You can order the pop-up book, albums, t-shirts, scarves, coloring books, and calendars at their online shop.

As Ronald Osbourne announced, "The waiting is over! I mean When it comes to "drive-thru metal," who needs waiters!?! With our debut album release, we are about to "pop-up" all over the states for the first time in years! So head over for a triple decker helping of the cheese you need!"

They're currently on their 2022 Pop-up Drive Tour, check them out near you.

Check out this video of Ozzy Osborne meeting Mac Sabbath for the first time.