'Widespread sexual harassment' of McDonald’s female employees in Florida, class action lawsuit claims

A class action lawsuit filed against McDonald's corporation claims that women who worked for the fast food franchise in Florida restaurants were subjected to widespread sexual harassment. Read the rest

Workers sue McDonald's over McSexual Harassment

On Tuesday, McDonald’s Corporation was sued by a group of workers in the state of Michigan who say the global fast-food chain allows pervasive sexual harassment to run rampant at its restaurant locations. Read the rest

McDonalds fires CEO over relationship with employee

Steve Easterbrook, CEO of McDonald's since 2015, was fired this weekend over his relationship with a company employee.

McDonald’s has dumped its chief executive Steve Easterbrook after he engaged in a relationship with a colleague, the company announced on Sunday. Mr Easterbrook, who was credited with doubling the company’s share price since becoming chief executive in March 2015, “violated company policy and demonstrated poor judgment involving a recent consensual relationship with an employee,” the company said. ... Mr Easterbrook, who is British and divorced, wrote in an email to McDonald’s staff: “I engaged in a recent consensual relationship with an employee, which violated McDonald’s policy. This was a mistake. Given the values of the company, I agree with the board that it is time for me to move on. Beyond this, I hope you can respect my desire to maintain my privacy.”

The identity of the person Easterbrook had an inappropriate relationship has not and should not be disclosed, but here's Exhibit A:

Read the rest

McDonald's apologizes for advertising "Sundae Bloody Sundae"

Bloody Sunday was an atrocity committed by British troops in Northern Ireland, killing 14 unarmed Catholic protesters at a 1972 march. Sunday Bloody Sunday is the title of one song by John Lennon and Yoko Ono and another by U2 that commemorate the event. Sundae Bloody Sundae is a promotion at McDonald's restaurants in Portugal, for which the company is now apologizing.

“The campaign was intended as a celebration of Halloween, not as an insensitive reference to any historical event or to upset or insult anyone in any way. We sincerely apologise for any offence or distress this may have caused.”

It said all related promotional material had now been removed from its restaurants. McDonald’s is not the first company to inadvertently invoke painful chapters in Irish and British history. In 2006 the US firm Ben & Jerry apologised to Irish consumers after it launched Black and Tan ice-cream. The firm said the flavour had been inspired by the classic mixture of stout and pale ale, but customers were quick to point out the name had far grimmer associations. The Black and Tans were an irregular force of British ex-servicemen recruited and deployed during the Irish war of independence, where they quickly developed a reputation for brutality.

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The complicated, nuanced story of how racialized French people fought to save their local McDonald's

On NPR's always-excellent Rough Translation podcast comes an incredibly complex and nuanced story (MP3, transcript) about marginalized, racialized people in public housing in Marseille who found an accepting haven in a local McDonald's franchise, and who banded together to save it -- and other nearby McD's -- in a series of direct actions ranging from occupation to threats of self-immolation. Read the rest

McDonald's will drop opposition to increases in the federal minimum wage

US federal law sets the national minimum wage at $7.25/hour, a number that hasn't budged for a decade and is in part responsible for the nation's wage stagnation, which has seen working peoples' earnings falling in real terms, while productivity grew, the stock market surged, and the richest grew much, much richer. Read the rest

Online customer service agents are watching what you type

When something goes wrong with a product you own or a service you pay for, it's reasonable to expect quick, effective customer service from the company responsible for whatever it is that's giving you trouble. Read the rest

#MeToo meets the #FightFor15 as McDonald's workers walk out over sexual harassment

McDonald's workers in ten US cities staged a mass walkout last week, demanding that the company take action on the rampant sexual abuse and harassment in its franchisees' stores; as the workers pointed out, the company surveils and controls their every move on-shift down to the minutest detail, but can't seem to find any way to chase down reports that women are being groped and then fired if they refuse to perform sexual acts on their supervisors. Read the rest

Giant fake McDonalds poster still up in restaurant 51 days after being sneaked onto the wall

Jevh M and his mates noticed that there were no asians among the happy, smiling subjects of McDonald's corporate wall art. So he created a professional-looking fake with himself and one other, snuck it onto a blank wall at a local McDonald's, and reports that it is still there 51 days later.

I wonder how long my own fake McDonalds poster would stay up:

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Moon Viewing Burger: a McDonald's meal you can only get in Japan

Every fall in Japan, McDonald's releases a Moon Viewing Burger (Tsukimi Burger). Basically, it's a burger with a perfectly round fried egg in the middle somewhere.

This year added to the regular lineup is a new Golden Tsukimi Burger. Not only do you get a golden bun (that smells like butter!), but also a thick slice of golden-colored cheese. Read the rest

Bigfoot, the crazy "it's aliens" guy, and a lot of odd stuff in latest attempt to sell Big Macs

McDonald's advertising has been baffling before, but this one is all kinds of weird.

The breakfasts are pretty good. Read the rest

Cheeseburger removed from Happy Meal menu

McDonald's is to cut a certain high-calorie item of junk food from the Happy Menu marketed to kids: cheeseburgers.

“We hope these actions will bring more choices to consumers and uniquely benefit millions of families, which are important steps as we build a better McDonald’s,” Chief Executive Officer Steve Easterbrook said in the statement.

After child obesity rates in the U.S. almost tripled since the 1970s, McDonald’s is seeking healthier ingredients while trying to boost its image with more environmentally friendly packaging.

For those who appreciate the inherent absurdity of trying to make McDonald's a place of health and youthful wellbeing, a classic Onion story is always worth revisiting: McDonald's Drops 'Hammurderer' Character From Advertising. Read the rest

McDonald's Black Friday oopsy tweet

McDonald's accidentally tweeted this late Thursday night:

While the internet was having a field day deciding if the tweet was intentional or not, McDonald's copped up to the boo-boo with this tweet nine hours later:


photo by Rusty Blazenhoff Read the rest

Some (slightly) healthier choices at fast food restaurants

Mind Over Munch’s Alyssia offers a guide to some not-completely-terrible-for-you food choices at fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts. She also has a guide to vegan fast food options that aren’t just salads:

Read the rest

Bigot hotter than a grease fire after seeing McDonald's rainbow pride fry boxes

A McDonald's franchisee in Washington DC is celebrating Pride Month with fry boxes festooned with rainbows. That didn't sit well with televangelist Joshua Feuerstein: Read the rest

Stained glass windows with the McDonalds logo yours for $150

Have you ever looked up at a small window in your Craftsman home and thought to yourself, "well, that's nice, but it'd be better if it had the golden arches of the McDonald's Restaurant logo on it?" Well, a Craiglist seller in Pittsburgh has the olive and burgundy transom of your dreams.

I purchased this window at an auction over 30 years ago in Meadville PA after the restaurants underwent a restoration. It is stained glass with a wood frame. They were used as dividers between the booths. Excellent condition -- has always been indoors.

The window measures 36" x 17" and priced at $150. Read the rest

8-year-old boy drives to McDonald's after quick driving tutorial on YouTube

An 8-year-old boy in Ohio had a craving for a Big Mac. Only problem was that it was 8pm and his parents were already asleep. So the resourceful lad went onto YouTube, spent five minutes learning how to operate a car, and then invited his 4-year-old sister to take a spin with him for a meal at McDonald's.

Miraculously, he maneuvered the mile-and-a-half drive within the speed limit and didn't hit anything along the way. He then pulled into the drive-thru window, where the McDonald's employees thought it was a joke.

According to New York Post:

McDonald’s workers said they thought they were being pranked when he drove up to order a cheeseburger with money from his piggy bank.

“The workers thought that the parents were in the back, but obviously they weren’t,” Koehler said.

Police said the 8-year-old burst into tears when he learned that he did something wrong. He told officers that it was his first time behind the wheel.

The boy and his sister were able to enjoy their meal while they waited for their grandparents to pick them up. No charges were filed.

Photo by Danielk2 Read the rest

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