DeSantis malfunctions when asked simple yes-or-no question: "Will you serve a full four year term?" (video)

Ron DeSantis was left speechless during his debate with Rep. Charlie Crist (D–FL) last night.

After kindly explaining to DeSantis that he was not running against Biden — "I can see how you might get confused, but you're running for governor" — Crist asked him the most basic of questions: "Yes or no, Ron. Will you serve a full four-year term if you're reelected governor of Florida?"

But the question proved to be too complex for the one-track-minded governor, who glitched out on stage, staring into nothingness as his system shut down. Easier to unplug than to figure out how to answer a question like that when caught off guard.

Front page thumbnail image: Image: Crist–DeSantis debate / Sinclair Broadcasting (screengrab)