After losing "woke" war, Ron DeSantis now wants to fine the same book-banners he whipped up (video)

It's finally dawned on the long-forgotten Ron DeSantis that his ridiculous "woke" campaign was as big a failure as his presidential run. In fact, his priggish posturing was most likely the cause of his humiliating downfall. Even MAGA is over him.

And so, too little too late, the short-sighted governor has now decided to turn against the very same army of book-banning activists he himself whipped up, fining them if they lodge too many complaints. And the frustrated Florida man expressed, well, frustration today while supporting a House bill that will charge a $100 processing fee to "bad-faith" book objectors who do not have children in school and who have "unsuccessfully objected to five materials during the calendar year."

"If you have a kid in school, okay. But if you're somebody who doesn't have a kid in school and you're gonna object to 100 books, no! I don't think that's appropriate," he said (see video below, posted by Carlos Guillermo Smith).

Oops, that was a detail he forgot to mention in 2022 when, under his dictatorship, Florida schools banned approximately 300 books from its libraries, including Shakespeare titles, children's literary works such as the sweet and innocent Christian the Hugging Lion, and Toni Morrison's Beloved, a Pulitzer Prize winner about a runaway slave.

From Meidas Touch News:

This is absolutely unbelievable. This is literally one of the main things that I and many others complained about all throughout 2021-22 when right-wing activists, led by Moms for Liberty, Libs of TikTok, and others who had no children in the public school systems, were besieging schools and school board meetings, causing absolute chaos. We complained that the wording of this statute would lead to exactly what DeSantis is now complaining about. But back then, he was a culture warrior building his brand to run for president. Not only did he not want to hear it, he encouraged these people. He employed these people.

Now, Ron DeSantis wants to walk it all back when Florida is facing record teacher shortages, complaints from parents and administrators, and as he realizes that his book bans have made him toxic to the rest of America. He is fooling nobody. We know who he is and what he is all about and will never forget what he put the state of Florida through just for his own selfish ambition.