Mickey Mouse hilariously mocks "loser" Ron DeSantis with stone-cold goodbye (video)

After Gov. Ron DeSantis crumpled up and announced that his candidacy was stone-cold dead earlier this week, Mickey Mouse hilariously said his stone-cold goodbyes, via The Daily Show (see video below).

"Hiya Ron DeSantis! Heard you ended your campaign. And I just wanted to say, suck it, loser," a gleeful Mickey began.

"Your campaign was the saddest thing I've ever seen!" Sadder, even, than Bambi's mom getting "shot to death." And it had less personality than "Walt Disney's frozen head."

To cheer DeSantis up, Mr. Mouse said he would suggest the Florida man take a spin on Space Mountain, "but you probably don't meet the height requirements."

"Hahaha, isn't life funny Ron? I entered the public domain, and you're exiting it!" the excited Mr. Mouse continued, only half-way into his brutal roast. He then suggested MAGA's mini-me apply for the job of Cinderella, what with his experience of "slipping into high heels" and all.

Mr. Mouse proceeds to call the grieving governor "the most pathetic jackass I've ever seen!" before giving DeSantis hope: "Maybe one of the animatronics can teach you to be more human!"

But nah. On second thought, "Peace out, and suck my mouse d–[beep]."

Looks like Disney — via the Daily Show — makes a fool of DeSantis once again. Lesson here: don't ever mess with Mickey Mouse.

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