Fearless great-grandmother scares off violent would-be thief with her cane (video)

A 76-year-old great-grandmother in Oakland, California chased off a crook who tried to steal her neighbor's purse. The would-be thief had slammed the neighbor into the ground, and when he couldn't quite snatch her purse away, dragged her across the road to his car. That's when the heroic great-grandmother came to the rescue, charging toward him with her cane raised up high, yelling, "Hey, hey, hey!" The frightened crook jumped in the car and sped away at lightning speed. (See video below.)

From NBC Bay Area:

Video shows a man trying to grab [Anne] Butler's purse and as they struggle, she falls to the ground and he starts to drag her.  

That's when Ms. Faye, armed only with a cane, jumped in to help.  

"I was yelling and the first thing I know, Faye who has bad knees, came rushing out with her cane, yelling and screaming and he hopped back in his car and drove off," said Butler. …

Neighbors though are not surprised by the great-grandmother's heroic efforts. 

"Ms. Faye is this badass woman, none of us were surprised," said neighbor Mel Oppenheim. "She is just a tough lady, she knows what she wants, she will get it no matter what and she loves her community and would do anything to protect it."

Fortunately, the neighbor suffered only scrapes and bruises. Police have not yet found the suspect.

Front page thumbnail image: HC FOTOSTUDIO / shutterstock.com