3D tour: explore the Great Pyramid

Inside the Great Pyramid is a 3D tour of Khufu's enormous tomb, painstakingly scanned by Luke Hollis. It works just like the ones on real estate websites, but this one's not for sale at any price (besides, it looks like tweakers already stripped it for copper and anything else shiny).

This is the interior three chambers of Khufu Pyramid, also known as the Great Pyramid, on the Giza Plateau. The pyramid interior includes the King's, Queen's, and subterranean chambers as well as the initial excavation tunnel.

Exhilarating! You really get a sense of how vast it is in there–and how weird. Odd sconces and holes and depressions, many partially and crudely excavated in centuries of attempts to find hidden chambers. One thing sadly but understandably not included is the virtually inaccessible secret passage through to the otherwise completely invisible relieving voids above the King's chamber, cut so subtly in the dark top corner of the 28-ft high Grand Gallery that it wasn't rediscovered until the modern era.

I wonder if the data and imagery collected here could be imported to Unreal Engine or something else a little more gamish and VR-friendly. See Matt Newell's recreations of various beautiful places such as Mýrdalssandur in Iceland.