Oscar Issac enters the world of comics

On the set of The Departed, Jack Nicholson famously told Matt Damon that he would have never become such a great actor if he weren't such a competent writer. Similarly, Tina Fey advised all aspiring screenwriters to take an acting class. Suffice it to say most talented actors know their way around a script and vice versa. 

When it comes to accomplished modern actors, few come as highly respected as Oscar Issac. Over the last handful of years, Issac has built quite an impressive resume in both the world of blockbusters and artsy films. Thanks to his work in Star WarsDune, and 2022's Moon Knight, it seems like Issac is finally getting the attention he deserves as an actor. However, it looks like Issac is aiming to expand his list of accomplishments to writing comics as well. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Issac has a brand new comic book on the way. 

While filming Dune in late 2019, Oscar Isaac mentioned a passion project to one of the film's key producers — Mary Parent, vice chairman of worldwide production at Legendary Entertainment.

It was not a sci-fi blockbuster — a genre Isaac has come to dominate in franchises like Star Wars and Dune — nor was it a prestige series in the vein of HBO's Scenes From a Marriage, which he executive produced and starred in alongside Jessica Chastain.

It was a comic book. About a cop who walks around with a bullet hole in his head.