Perception gap grows between actual crime rates and what Americans believe is happening

When perception is reality, you do not have to edit reality. Amplify the perception. As a new Gallup poll demonstrates, even though many Americans believe that crime is rising, that is not the case. But the GOP and other politicians will exploit that perception as reality to capitalize on these manufactured fears. Meanwhile, the assassination attempt on the elected politician third in line for the presidency is blamed on the elected politician and their party's policies. At the same time, Fox news continues to stoke fears.

Check out Hayes Brown, MSNBC Opinion Columnist's take.

"A Gallup Poll released Friday morning found that 56% of Americans think a crime has increased in their local area over the last year, the most in 50 years. But as I've said before, there's often a disconnect between the perception of increased crime in an area and whether that purported increase can accurately be measured. That goes double for a climate like today's, where the GOP is determined to frame cities as liberal-created hellscapes."

What are other inaccurate poll-revealed perceptions? Check out this detailed report about perceptions and polling in Detroit, Michigan.

Check out the webpage, The Perception Gap. "Do you have a yawning Perception Gap, or are you in sync with the American public? Our study explores how Americans tend to have a distorted understanding of people on the other side of the aisle, what causes it, and why it matters."

"The conclusion? Americans have a deeply distorted understanding of each other. We call this America's "Perception Gap." Overall, Democrats and Republicans imagine almost twice as many of their political opponents as reality hold views they consider "extreme."

You can take the "Perception Gap Quiz" here.