Vision spin-off series coming to Disney Plus

Now that it's almost over, can we be honest? Phase four of the MCU was all over the place. To be fair, Phase four was expected to lay the groundwork for building the characters and storylines that would carry the post-Avengers: Endgame MCU. Pretty much any story that came after the Avengers battle with Thanos (which Marvel painstakingly built over a decade of meticulous storytelling) would seem underwhelming in comparison. 

Having said all of that, Phase four was still fairly meh. From a slew of narratively disconnected and tonally disjointed films to an over-reliance on the increasingly repetitive Disney/Marvel formula, Phase four lacked the hype and consistency of Marvel's earlier output.  

One of the few bright spots in Phase four was the Disney Plus series WandaVision. The series earned such a positive reception that it immediately garnered a spin-off featuring Agatha Harkness. Now, according to DeadlineVision is slated to get his own Disney Plus series in the future. 

A second WandaVision spinoff series focusing on Paul Bettany's Vision is in the works at Marvel Studios for Disney+, sources tell Deadline. Titled Vision Quest, the potential series, which is opening a writers room next week, will be about The Vision (Bettany) trying to regain his memory and humanity, I hear. While the focus is on Vision, word is there is a possibility for Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) to appear, which would make sense given how interconnected the two characters' stories are in the MCU. Like with the other WandaVision spinoff, the greenlighted series Agatha: House of Harkness headlined by Kathryn Hahn, Vision Quest is overseen by WandaVisioncreator, writer and executive producer Jac Schaeffer, I hear. Reps for Marvel Studios and Bettany declined comment.