This trailer for the Atari 50 collection will definitely make you nostalgic

Video games have undergone one of the wildest evolutions in the last 40 years. Watching the medium transition from "children's entertainment" to arguably the most lucrative sector in entertainment has been a trip. In addition to their profits, the content within video games has also grown considerably. In the early 80s, you could only find a little in the way of mature storytelling or nuanced characters in video games. In contrast, modern games boast an avenue of entertainment accessible to almost every consumer.

Although video games have improved tremendously, that doesn't mean that the games from yesteryear have diminished in quality. The market for retro games is vibrant and thriving. Whether it's mini consoles that house dozens of games from a specific era or a digital collection of the classics, retro games are big business. In the video linked above, you can check out the trailer for the Atari 50: The Anniversary Collection, which is filled to the brim with classic games.