Holy Chicken Ship! The full-length "Captain EO" is more brilliant than you can possibly remember

The only thing I really remembered about Captain EO, and I was at Disneyland for the premiere, was Hooter. Oh my god! This video is amazing, if you aren't shocked out of your skin at the villain's reveal, the director's credit will blow your fucking mind.

Who designed the chicken ship?

If you were born after Gen X and never saw this in the "original theatrical release," I apologize for the emptiness in your soul. Released with a massive celebration in 1986, covered on international television, and running until 1998, Captain EO is perhaps the only thing I miss about MJ.

Clearly, this is the first instance of Dance Fighting, which became a key part of Star Wars: Larry lore, as adapted by Auralnauts. I expect the Larry finale this week.

Image: Screengrab