Looking to save on top-selling camping items? This SUV car tent has you covered.

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The weather is getting a bit uncomfortable, so the time you have to head into the great outdoors is fleeting. Unless you're a glutton for hypothermic punishment (or you live in one of those beautiful states where the cold doesn't hurt your face half of the year), chasing the last of those outdoor days is coming to a close. It's time to prep for next season's camping rumpus. So purchase this SUV Car Tent and have everything you need to get up and go.

If you need a little oasis away from the four wheels you otherwise find roomy during a road trip; this Igloo Essentials SUV Tent may become your new favorite on-the-go item. At over six feet tall and wide, this little home base is super spacious, making it an excellent area for working on the go, taking a little nap, or starting impromptu card games with your other nomads (or just the people you travel with, that seems safer). Then, when you need to take it on the run, it folds into a tiny three-foot carrying case to snuggle into any roof rack, trunk, or trailer.

No sweat on if your car is the perfect vehicle for this tent (car pun there). The four-point attachment system makes the Igloo compatible with hatchbacks, SUVs, station wagons, minivans, trucks, or anything with a trunk. It doesn't even need to move if you need some escape from that clunker sitting in your driveway.

In terms of protection, the Igloo has four bug-proof sides, a 210D silver-infused coating to ensure you don't fry, and extra waterproof layers for the opposite end of weather pattern emergencies. There's no reason to bring a conventional tent anywhere you go when you throw this baby in the back of your car (except in Tennessee, apparently you can't pop it open there).

Get the SUV Car Tent, which includes a carrying case, support rods, ground attachment cables, and car attachment cables, for $199.99 (Reg. $269). No coupon needed. Act fast; this is the last chance to grab Prime Day-style deals — our overstock sale ends October 31st at 11:59 PM.

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