16k people are still using their e-ink Pebble watches

The Pebble was a wonderful early-adopter e-ink smartwatch achieving aesthetic and functional completeness within its limitations. The company behind it was eaten by Fitbit, but more than 16,000 people are still using their Pebbles, a decade after manufacture. A community thrives, and hacks as it thrives.

Now for the really exciting part: we're thrilled to announce that we're running our first hackathon on the 18-20th of November. We're hoping it's the first of many too, hence the optimistic 3-digit name! It's a bit of an experiment on our part, but the idea is that anyone who wants to take part simply fills out the form, sets up their dev environment, and joins in on that weekend by building a fun watchface, watchapp, or tool for the Pebble watch.

Everyone who uploads an app to the appstore during the hackathon will receive free Rebble stickers, and our favourite submission(s) will receive a special prize (likely to be a shiny pebble watch).