The first full trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water is here

Ever since the first movie broke the box office, people started wondering about how James Cameron would follow up the hyper-successful Avatar. The first Avatar, famous for pioneering modern 3D cinema, helped usher in a new era of blockbusters with its groundbreaking visuals. Even though the demand for a new Avatar was immediate, Cameron didn't rush into a sequel, choosing instead to carefully craft the film into a potential franchise.

It's now been 13 years since the original Avatar film hit theaters in 2009. In the interim, many fans and critics began to wonder if Cameron had waited a little too long to capitalize on the hit film's momentum. During Avatar's absence from theaters, the blockbuster landscape changed significantly due to the advent of the Marvel cinematic universe. Will Cameron's sequel to Avatar be able to contend with Disney's box office juggernaut? You can check out the trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water to gauge if the film can reclaim its throne.