China sending monkeys to space to have sex

Chinese researchers plan to send monkeys to the country's Tiangong space station so that the primates can have sex… for science! From the South China Morning Post:

After studying smaller creatures, "some studies involving mice and macaques will be carried out to see how they grow or even reproduce in space", Zhang said in a speech posted on social media by the academy on Monday.

"These experiments will help improve our understanding of an organism's adaptation to microgravity and other space environments."[…]

As more nations plan for long-term settlements in orbit around the moon or Mars, "these experiments will be necessary", [Tsinghua University space medicine researcher Kehkooi] Kee said[…]

NASA says no astronauts, to the best of its knowledge, have had sex in space[…]

"Firstly, just staying in close contact with each other under zero gravity is hard," [University of Nottingham reproductive and developmental physiologist Adam] Watkins said in a letter to Physiology News Magazine in 2020. "Secondly, as astronauts experience lower blood pressure while in space, maintaining erections and arousal are more problematic than here on Earth.