A Clone High revival is coming to HBO Max

Music videos made them the arbiter of cool in the late 20th century, but MTV was also a haven for fantastic animation. The early '90s saw the advent of Beavis and Butt-Head as well as the experimental Liquid Television. Although the former went on to become a cultural mainstay that has endured until today, Liquid Television served as a litmus test for the range of animation MTV would green light throughout the 90s and early 2000s with shows like DariaCelebrity DeathmatchSpy Groove, and the cult classic Clone High

Clone High, the brainchild of prolific and visionary screenwriting duo Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, centered on a high school occupied by clones of famous historical figures. Despite only creating a single 13-episode season, Clone High developed a devoted fandom that never stopped rallying for a revival. According to Collider, Clone High's fans will be richly rewarded in 2023, when the series will make its grand return to HBO Max. 

It's been two decades since audiences entered the hallways and classrooms of MTV's adult animated series, Clone High. While it may have received an untimely cancelation after just one season, the series found a cult following that made their requests loud and clear, demanding for a reboot to get underway. Well, it's been almost a full two years since news broke that HBO Max ordered two seasons of the Phil Lord and Christopher Miller created production, and thanks to Miller, we're one step closer to a specific release date.

Taking to Twitter to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the show's original debut, Miller shared a GIF of JFK's clone coming off ice courtesy of a blow-dryer. In the caption, Miller wrote, "Seems about time to unfreeze the clones," before revealing that fans could expect the series to land at some point in 2023. While that's a pretty broad release window, we'll take it! After not receiving much news over the last few years, it's exciting to know that new episodes of the series are still being thawed out and not tossed back into the freezer.