Monopoly celebrates 87 years of ruining family gatherings

With the holidays rapidly approaching, millions of people are already preparing themselves for copious amounts of family time. One of the most challenging aspects of navigating family gatherings is finding an activity that everyone enjoys. With so many divergent personalities, it can be difficult to find a singular piece of entertainment that each member of your clan appreciates equally. That's why so many families decide to go the opposite route instead. Why find an activity everyone loves when you can reach for one everyone hates equally? 

Before I'm branded a joyless buzzard, let me say that I love Monopoly. Perhaps a little too much, now that I think about it. There's something great about being able to enter a fictional reality where your money troubles can't actually harm you, and you have a chance of unfathomable financial success. In 1935, Parker Brothers created the game–or stole it–that has led to more family squabbles than every brand of alcohol combined.