The Pocket Report is a fun and snarky way to get the news

Here's a fun way to get the news: The Pocket Report. With the tagline, "Bringing you a sub-par look at the news in a timely fashion," The Pocket Report is written and hosted by Gina (G. L.) DiVittorio, a writer, comedian, and political commentator. The news content is actually incredibly informative, and is a great way to get quick snippets of important political news. DiVittorio delivers the news on The Pocket Report in a hilarious dead-pan voice, and drops snarky one-liners into her recitation of news events with ease. In Episode 166, The first attempt to overthrow an election is always the hardest, she describes Steve Bannon's arrest like this:

Steve Bannon, former Trump Advisor and angry far right guy I did think was dead before realizing that was Rush Limbaugh, has been sentenced to four months in prison for criminal contempt of Congress. Bannon will be one of the first people incarcerated for denying a congressional subpoena since the 80s, which didn't even crack the top ten batshit things about this investigation.

And here's her take on the January 6th hearings:

The January 6th hearings were basically the C-SPAN version of a Real Housewives reunion special, if the Real Housewives tried to overthrow a country. We learned about a plot to replace real electors with pro-Trump "alternate electors" including everyone from Mark Meadows, to Doug Mastriano, and Ron Johnson, because all of the above didn't see a reason not to communicate extensively about a coup on regular-ass Gmail accounts. We learned the Secret Service was warned about plans for the attack weeks out by the FBI, and in true George W. Bush fashion, ignored it.

This is great stuff – I'll definitely subscribe now. Go share it with your friends who need to pay more attention to politics. Start with this one, which has timely and crucial information about voter protection hotline numbers. And find more on The Pocket Report TikTok and Twitter.