While Kari Lake moans about slow vote counting, Katie Hobbs slowly inches ahead

As Big Lie candidate Kari Lake continues to beat her broken drum, impatiently questioning Arizona's "slow rolling" vote-counting process every chance she gets, Katie Hobbs's continues to slowly roll ahead in the race for governor. (While Hobbs led Lake 50.44% –49.56% at 1:45pm PT Thursday, the latest results, released last night, show Hobbs with 50.7% to Lake's 49.3%.)

From AZ Central:

[W]ith national eyes on Arizona where false claims of election fraud have endured since 2020, the candidates echoed familiar sentiments that dominated their time on the campaign trail.

Lake has used the counting period, which is normal in Arizona, to make national news appearances where she raised suspicion about the count and beat up on fellow Republican officials, whom she accused of purposefully slow-walking the results.

Meanwhile, Hobbs, the secretary of state, urged patience and expressed confidence in the system.

"Despite what my election-denying opponent is trying to spin, the pattern and cadence of incoming votes are exactly what we expected," Hobbs wrote on social media. "In fact, they mirror what our state has seen in recent elections. We must remain patient and let our election officials do their jobs."

Of course, with 500,000 votes still not counted in the state, it's obviously still anyone's game. Maricopa County officials plan to update election results every evening, according to AZ Central.