Here's Doctor Who's intro as a 70s buddy cop show

Even though we're all one big happy family, at the end of the day, there are a few pronounced differences between Doctor Who fans that have only watched the revival series and those familiar with the original. The obvious delineation between both series is the budget Doctor Who has enjoyed since 2005, but there are a host of differences in tone and characterization that divide perspectives of modern Who. Chief among them being the heightened focus on romantic subplots, a vastly divergent approach to the classic "no hanky panky in the Tardis" rule of yesteryear. Another major point of contention comes down to the Doctor's use of violence. 

In the modern series, the Doctor's trademark pacifism has reached absurd levels that contradict the character's use of lethal force in the classic series. One could argue that the events of the Time War increased the character's distaste for violence, but there's a big difference between "a man that never would" and this… 

Of all the classic Doctors, few used as much force, lethal or otherwise, as the Third Doctor with his Venusian aikido. Despite being an undeniable part of the Doctor's mythos, Jon Pertwee's era of Doctor Who feels probably feels utterly alien to modern fans looking to venture into classic series. Aiming to mimic the success of Quatermass, Pertwee's run feels more like a product of its time than other eras of the classic series. In the video at the top of this blog, the YouTuber NintendoJoe64 shows what Pertwee's era of Doctor Who would look like as 70s buddy cop series.