Judge publicly scolds attorney for not appearing in court — no matter that he just had a stroke (video)

Judge Shana Rooks Malone scolded a defense attorney on national television for not showing up to court — the lawyer instead had dared to remain in his hospital bed after suffering a stroke two days earlier.

"You need to seriously seek new counsel," Judge Malone advised the attorney's client, who is accused of murder in the state of Georgia. "He's doing you a disservice because you've been here. We're ready to start a trial today." (See video below.)

"I'm going to find that Mr. Tucker is in contempt of court," the vexed judge continued. "He failed to follow the rules of court … I'm also going to file a grievance with the State Bar of Georgia."

The attorney, Matt Tucker, watching the scene from his hospital room on Monday, couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"I was astonished. I couldn't believe it," Tucker told WSB-TV. "She kind of made me look real bad on TV."

Apparently, he had sent an email to the court explaining his absence but the judge missed the memo.

From WSB-TV:

Matt Tucker is representing Hannah Payne, who is accused of shooting and killing 62-year-old Kenneth Herring while she was trying to make a citizens arrest after Herring was involved in a hit-and-run accident in 2019. …

Channel 2's Tom Jones spoke to Tucker, who is still recovering in the hospital. Tucker is upset because he says Judge Shana Rooks Malone lit into him on national television, saying she was going to hold him in contempt of court because of his "behavior." …

Payne told Malone that Tucker had suffered a stroke Saturday and that he was in the hospital. The judge said that Tucker never contacted her office.

Tucker said his office emailed the court to let the staff know he had a medical emergency. He just doesn't understand why the judge refused to accept what Payne told her. …

Tucker said he and Payne are now concerned that she may not get a fair trial. Tucker said he may file a motion to remove Malone from the case.

Jury selection was supposed to start on Monday, but as of today it's unclear when the trial will resume.

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