The chicanerous world of Breaking Bad stars on Cameo

You want a rabbit hole? Here's a good one.

Dean Norris, best known for his breakout role as lovable antagonist Hank Schrader in Breaking Bad, is just one of the many actors, musicians and other entertainers with a Cameo profile, giving the Internet at large a chance to hire his talents, for thirty seconds, for a reasonable rate. Most of the time, this is used for what you would expect – birthday wishes or congratulations on a major life event from a favorite actor. The recipient gets their warm fuzzies, the actor gets a cool seventy bucks, and the world goes on turning.

Not so for Dean Norris and his fellow Breaking Bad alumni. Starting all the way back in 2021, Norris has been subject to some… unusual requests. It all began with an innocuous request for him to declare Walter White 'sus', declaring that there was an 'impostor among us' – a reference to both the hit video game Among Us and Hank and Walter's game of cat and mouse in the show. Evidently, someone found it hilarious, and it wasn't long before both Norris – and every actor on Cameo with even a tangential relation to Breaking Bad or its equally-lauded spinoff Better Call Saul – were inundated with equally bizarre Cameo requests. A community quickly formed around this shared hobby, and the in-jokes grew more and more byzantine, culminating in this utterly incomprehensible thirty-second monologue from Luis Moncada—whose menacing, stone-faced hitman character in the show notably has almost no speaking lines at all.

This probably says something about the way the Internet has enabled parasocial relationships and allowed micro-niche communities to flourish in the unlikeliest of places. Personally, I'm just scratching my head about what 'kid named finger' could possibly mean.