Mr. T discusses his name

Mr. T was an early role model who helped teach me always to respect my inner voice. When asked what single book has had the most impact on me, I recommend people read Mr. T The Man with the Gold: An Autobiography.

I think a lot of Gen X's FAFO attitude came from our early days of watching BA Barracus wade into the shit his friends stirred up, throw a few people out a window or saloon door, modify a Chevelle into a battle jitney and ride off into the sunset bitching about Murdoch's antics. In this interview, Mr. T is having none of Letterman's horseshit and is direct and to the point about whatever the fool is asking him. Mr. T gets the job done in a way that says, "I do things well because I have self-respect. Your opinions are yours."

Mr. T taught us to respect our mothers. He taught us to drink our milk, and most of all Mr. T taught us the zen art of pitying the fool.

Image: screen grab