What are these mysterious maze patterns at the bottom of a massive Chinese lake?

Catastrophic drought has dried up the vast majority of water in the 2,800 square kilometer Dongting Lake in Hunan, China, revealing a strange site on the lake bottom. While experts say the maze patterns are likely remnants of fish traps, we know The Truth. From the SCMP:

… Resident Yang Xinwei, said he didn't think the patterns were made by human beings as he did not find any evidence of construction.

"It's astonishing to see those patterns. Each block is as big as standard football fields, Inside those square blocks are special bone inscription-like patterns. Some strokes could be as long as 10 metres," he said[…]

The videos of the patterns [watch below] have been viewed eight million times on Douyin alone, with many enthusiastically joining the speculation about what the patterns could be.

"Definitely alien civilisation," wrote one user.