Father expertly photoshops his kid's drawings of animals

Everyone knows how expensive and time-consuming it is to raise children. Kids will burn through a hefty chunk of your monetary resources as they devour increasingly pricier quantities of food. In addition to physical resources like food and shelter, children require comprehensive emotional support. You don't like reading the same story over and over again before bedtime every night? Well, I hope you like your offspring with abandonment issues and low self-esteem. Did your kid hand you a drawing that looks nothing like the subject they based it on? You better bury that comment down deep as you hang the piece on the refrigerator for the next four years. 

Obviously, I'm exaggerating; almost every parent loves their kid's artwork, no matter how wonky the proportions are. One artistic father went the extra mile by altering realistic images of the animals to match the creative license employed by his artistic children in the Instagram post linked above. You can use the arrows on the post to scroll through the gallery.