Roswell school district adopts proactive Medical Marijuana policy

A school district in New Mexico is planning to introduce a new policy for students who have medical marijuana cards.

In a proactive move, Roswell Independent School District in the southeastern area of New Mexico will join Rio Rancho School District, northwest of Albuquerque, to institute a policy about Cannabis on Campus.

As reported by Gabrial Chavez at KRQE,

"The new policy would fall in line with the state's rule that allows students to use medical marijuana on campus. But the state does not lay out how it should be administered. That has been left up to each school district."

"I think when I want to highlight, whenever people hear of medical cannabis policy, people get a little bit nervous, this is to explain that this is a really strong framework so we can handle these things safely," Katherine McClain, RISD Nurse Supervisor, said to the school board Tuesday.

Cannabis for medicinal uses has been legal in New Mexico since 2007, while recreational sales were approved in 2021 and began in July 2021.

You can also watch a video of the story.

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