Marijuana farmer suing police for illegal raid and leaving huge pizza party mess behind

Preston McCormick filed a lawsuit against Riverside County in California for what he claims was an illegal raid on his pot farm located on tribal land belonging to the Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians. McCormick says that not only did the sheriff's deputies kill $10 million in crops, trash the infrastructure, and confiscate significant personal property from his home, but the cops, um, celebrated the "destruction" of the weed with a big pizza party and left a huge mess behind.

From SFGate:

After the raid, McCormick alleges the deputies ordered pizza, along with other food and drinks, for delivery to his property to celebrate. Then the next day, the lawsuit alleges deputies returned to the property to retrieve cell phones, radios and other items that had been left behind. The lawsuit also says 75 pizza boxes were "haphazardly discarded" on the property.

But McCormick's chief complaint is that he says the raid was conducted illegally. He says he worked with the Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians a few months before the raid to secure license and lease agreements, as well as permits, to grow and sell cannabis on tribal land.