Missed Cyber Monday? You can still get this Microsoft Surface Pro 5 for $400

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It's time for some holiday shopping, and if you're not doing it online, you'll be, well, in line. Since there aren't many folks who find hanging out at big box stores enjoyable, you may be a party of one with the crazies looking for a new computer this season. Therefore, it might be best to digitally window shop this year.

So if you need a computer that doesn't die on you if the wind blows wrong, this refurbished Surface Pro from 2017 might do the trick. It's on sale for $399.99 during our extended Cyber Monday Sale — no coupon needed. During this event, you can still score price drops on a curated list of tech, apps, gift cards, and more until November 30. 

This Surface Pro 5 is an incredible landing spot for all things digital. With an Intel Core i5-7300U, WiFi, and an impressive 12.3" PixelSense display, this computer runs incredibly fast and gives you all the info in an easy-to-view format. And with its 110-point touch support, you're just a few hand gestures away from accessing everything the Surface Pro 5 has to offer. 

In terms of storage and RAM, you've got 256GB and 8GB, respectively. This is especially important when you factor how much time you'll spend watching downloaded shows and movies to avoid awkward family small talk this holiday season. If you actually like your family, you can use all that storage for pictures and videos of the lovely family togetherness you crave so much (and the 5MP front camera can help with that too.)

Check out why Amazon gave this baby 4.4 out of 5 and the folks at Google gave it 4.6 stars. During our extended Cyber Monday Sale, you can purchase this Microsoft Surface Pro 5 for $399.99 (Reg. $479), no coupon needed. 

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