Ang Lee's son is going to star as Bruce Lee in a new film

Bruce Lee's impact on pop culture is immeasurable. Similar to Muhammad Ali and Marilyn Monroe, Lee's celebrity has transcended generations and helped the late actor remain a household name decades after his death. Resultantly, countless movie studios have made innumerable attempts to cash in on Lee's legacy through biopics. Despite being a movie star, twice over, Lee's life story has never transitioned to films that smoothly. Every attempt to turn Lee's journey into a biopic has always fallen short of the Little Dragon's legacy. 

According to Deadline, the son of iconic director Ang Lee—the director of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Hulk(2003)—Mason Lee has snagged the role of Bruce Lee in a new biopic from Sony's 3000 Pictures. As long as the movie is even slightly better than Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, it'll be the best Bruce Lee biopic of all time. 

Sony's 3000 Pictures has finalized a deal that will see Oscar winner Ang Lee direct Bruce Lee, a film that will star the filmmaker's son Mason Lee in the role of the iconic martial artist. Dan Futterman, whose work includes Capote and Foxcatcher, is working on a script that has seen previous versions by Jean Castelli, Alex Law and Mabel Cheung, and, most recently, Wells Tower.

Lawrence Grey, Shannon Lee, Ang Lee, Ben Everard and Brian Bell are producing, and Elizabeth Gabler and Marisa Paiva are overseeing the project for the studio. The project will see Gabler, Paiva and Tom Rothman reunited with the director after they worked together previously on Life of Pi.