Pepsi officially endorses ungodly 'Pilk' concoction

This holiday season, no one is safe. For those who aren't quite as hip with the kids as I am (being one myself), the disgusting mixture of Pepsi and milk (termed 'pilk') has been a bit of a meme in recent years, stemming from its humble origins on Laverne and Shirley.

However, it was a now-deleted viral tweet in 2020 (reproduced in an Instagram post here) that rocketed pilk back into the limelight. Since then, it's spawned half-joking reviews, memes upon memes, endorsements from popular YouTubers, and now – in what is typically the death knell for trends of this nature – an acknowledgement from Pepsi itself.

What hath we wrought?

Pilk has entered the official Pepsi canon, backed by Lindsay Lohan herself. I, and everyone else who's ever posted a pilk meme, need to have a long, hard think about my life choices.